Thursday, July 5, 2018

To sing with you - לשיר איתך

I was meaning to thank you for quite some time,
לך רציתי להודות מזמן,
My songs sprouted from your warm sunlight.
באורך החם נבטו שירי.
You brought me an anemone (flower) from Yemen,
כלנית הבאת לי מתימן,
To the well.
אל הגיא.

Like a lost knight wandering the garden
כמו פרש אבוד סובב בגן
And in my hands two lilies bloom,
ובידי פורחים שני שושנים,
One red, the other white.
האחד אדום, שני לבן.

Suddenly I am singing with you (fem),
שר אני איתך פתאום,
It’s like a dream, it’s like a dream.
זה כמו חלום, זה כמו חלום.
The gate of wishes has opened,
שער משאלות נפתח,
To sing with you, to sing with you.
לשיר איתך, לשיר איתך.

The moon that’s hanging up above
הלבנה אשר תלויה מעל
Is now directing its gaze.
מישירה עכשיו את מבטה.
She’s yours (masc) now, don’t ask,
היא שלך הלילה אל תשאל,
Take her.
קח אותה.

It’s good to sing with you (masc) suddenly,
טוב לשיר איתך פתאום,
To weave a dream, to weave a dream.
לרקום חלום, לרקום חלום.
Two voices and a promise,
שני קולות והבטחה,
To sing with you (fem), to sing with you (masc).
לשיר איתך, לשיר איתך.

Until the morning in a single boat,
עד הבוקר בסירה אחת,
Together we row, and together we pray,
יחד לחתור ולקוות,
Waiting on the water for tomorrow
מחכים על מים למחר
That will come.

It’s good to sing with you suddenly...
טוב לשיר איתך פתאום...

This song is by two Yemeni singers, Boaz Sharabi and Shoshana Damari. Shoshana Damari was considerably older than Boaz, and was a very famous singer while Israel was in its infancy. Two of her hit songs were called "Anemones" and "Two Lillies." "Anemones" is named after the red flower common to the land, used as an analogy to the British in their red outfits. In the song "Two Lillies," one of them is red, and another is white (this should explain the second paragraph.

This song was written and composed by a young Boaz, picking up his career, who was able to sing with the famous Shoshana Damari. He tells her how much he looks up to her, how influential she has been to his life and career. He's so happy, feeling like his wishes has come true, now that he's singing with her, it's like a dream. Then she gives his some life advice, telling him to live for the present, wishing him luck (at least I think that's the gist of it). Then she says how good it is to sing with him and help fulfill his dream, and they both promise to sing together. Finally, they both are waiting together, hopeful for the future.

This song in and of itself is very nice and pleasant, but it becomes even sadder to hear Boaz sing it when he's older, and with a recording of Shoshana because she passed away. Lines like, "Suddenly I'm singing with you, it's like a dream," and "Two voices and a promise to sing with you" really gnaw at my heart.

You can watch that here.

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